What Others Are Saying


Praise from the Mystery Writers of America Association

“Crisp, powerful writing…one of my favorite first-time authors.”

“[DeMarco] has an amazing knack for imagery…evocative storytelling throughout.”

“Plumbs characters with depth and mystery.”

“[DeMarco] has a slick sense of prose…top-drawer writing overall.”

“[About Others] is as compelling and solid as any best-selling novel I’ve read.”



Praise for Stirred Not Shaken and other essays and articles

“Amazingly insightful…so simple yet so profound.” – The Daily Times

“Provocative and poignant.” – Be Well magazine

“Courageous, wise, and honest.” – Living Well magazine

Choosing Life is one of the most thought-provoking, nuanced and vulnerable essays I’ve read around the issue of  [pregnancy and maternal health].”

“Deeply moving and thought provoking no matter what the times, but even more vital in these times.”

“Some pieces take a bit of courage to write…this took far more than that.”

“Michele’s story is particularly compelling…so young to have gone through so much, and to come out with so much wisdom.” – Boston Globe

“I always feel healed and held when reading Michele’s writing.”

“Michele has a gift for getting to the heart of things and offering wisdom that really helps in trying times.”

“Michele has so much to offer people who are facing adversity.”



“Michele quickly became an expert upon whom I relied extensively to deliver important information  about resilience, surviving adversity, coping with extreme stress, and finding new directions in life in order to improve health and vitality.” – WNBP Radio Host

“Michele managed to make a hotel ballroom room of 500+ people feel like an intimate gathering among friends.” – Patient Ombudsman Services, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

“Michele is intelligent, well-educated, sensitive, and compassionate. She completely envelops others with her charm and expertise.” – Director of Programs and Volunteer Services, Partners Healthcare

“She is beyond just articulate. I have seen her completely mesmerize a large audience with her knowledge, charisma, and delivery.” – Vice President, Public Relations and Marketing, Anna Jaques Hospital

“Michele has the ability to reach into the depths of experience from her own journey – where she has gained strength and clarity through adversity – to find many ways to help others. She is an inspiration and wise warrior.” – Director of Marketing and Programs, Alliance Oncology

“Without exception, when Michele spoke, you could hear a pin drop in the room.” – Vice President Programs, Partners Healthcare

“’There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.’ This is what Michele does so well through her knowledge and expertise, her perspective and insights, and her presence and compassion.” – Community Outreach Coordinator, Newburyport, MA

“When you find Michele, you find the best.” – Principal, Northeast Healthcare Marketing