Transforming Conflict
about all things “Lost Innocence” & the Human condition

Inspiring audiences to see, feel, and act in new and profound ways.

Michele DeMarco speaking at a conference.
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I’ve always considered writing to be, in large part, a conversation — between me and my ideas, me and readers, and me and the world. But just as much as writing, I love to share and discuss those ideas with audiences in real time (in-person or virtually).

I speak about all things “lost innocence” and the human condition:

Psychology and Mental Health

Trauma, Moral Injury, Moral Distress, PTSD, Emotions, Grief and Loss, Resilience, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment, Mindfulness, Somatic Psychology, and Personal Growth

Spirituality and Ethics

Clinical Ethics, Narrative Ethics, Morality, Moral Psychology, Spirituality and Health, Meaning and Purpose, Lost Innocence, Crises of Faith, World Religion and Interfaith Relations

Conflict Transformation and Resilience

Mediation, Restorative Justice, Deliberative Dialog, Conflict Styles, Relationships, Emotional-laden Decision-making, Peace-building

Heart Health and SCAD Dissection

Spontaneous Coronary Arterial Dissection (SCAD), Life after heart attack or stroke; Recovering after difficult diagnosis; Emotional health related to heart health; Heart health tools and resources.


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Recent Topics

  • Trauma, Transition, & Transformation
  • Timeless Resilience for Epochal Times
  • Soul Console and Spirit Wellness
  • Writing to Heal
  • Moral Injury and Embodied Disclosure Therapy
  • Moral Distress and Moral Resilience
  • Transforming Conflict Well
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