Do I Have a Soul Wound?

Moral Injury Self-Inventory

This self-assessment can help you determine if your experiences, feelings, and behaviors may be related to moral injury.

It is based on the Moral Injury Outcome Scale (MIOS) and allows for a short and simple self-assessment. Assessments can be a valuable first step toward getting help and healing. Assessment results are not a clinical diagnosis or confirmation of moral injury. Take you results to a doctor, mental health professional, or spiritual advisor to begin a discussion.


This questionnaire asks about experiences you may have had after a very morally stressful experience in which:

  • You did something (or failed to do something) that went against your moral code or values (e.g., you harmed someone or failed to protect someone from harm), and/or
  • You saw someone (or people) do something or fail to do something that went against your moral code or values (e.g., you witnessed cruel behavior), and/or
  • You were directly affected by someone (or people) doing something or failing to do something that went against your moral code or values (e.g., being betrayed by someone you trusted).

If you feel comfortable, recall the very morally stressful experience, then proceed to the questions.

The following questions may be difficult, but they are common experiences of people with moral injury. They concern painful experiences that transgressed your deeply held values or moral code and how you are feeling now. Try to answer every question. Choose a single number between 1 (strongly disagree) and 5 (strongly agree) to indicate how much you agree with the statement in the past month.