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When It Comes to Painful Emotions, Don’t Think — Just Feel

Benevolent honesty is an alternative to what I call “cognitive elusion,” the tendency to escape into our head as a way to avoid painful emotions, concerns, and anxieties and/or heal old traumas by doggedly trying to rationalize or explain them away. Cognitive elusion is a “discomfort detour” that often results in a “resilience roadblock” for one simple reason: Distress affects much more than our thoughts.

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That Powerlessness You Feel Is Called “Moral Distress”

How to cultivate moral resilience instead “Powerlessness is at the heart of moral distress. It is the feeling that we have had to, or must seriously, compromise ourselves or something we hold dear due to external forces seemingly beyond our control. It is also the sense that others don’t grasp a moral significance or moral imperative …

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7 Surprising Breathing Exercises to Instantly Reduce Stress

Conscious breathing, cellular breathing, and other easy techniques to feel calmer Published in Elemental. “When we’re nervous or hyper-focused, we hold our breath. When we’re overstimulated, it can be difficult to catch our breath. When we try to suppress tears or stifle strong emotions, our breath becomes weak or irregular.” read more here