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It’s time to get anxiety and stress under control…for good.

Everyone gets stressed. Life is full of stress. And sometimes it gets overwhelming. Maybe it’s just for a few moments or a few hours. Sometimes, maybe it’s for days. Whatever it is, it’s just too long.

If thinking your way to lasting calm hasn’t worked as well as you’d like, or if you’ve convinced yourself that the only way to cope is to “fight” it or else “just deal,” because things will never change, then perhaps it’s time to take a different approach.

There’s a good reason why your body is doing what it’s doing. And all it takes to change the pain is a few simple ideas and practices. So, here they are–all grounded in cutting-edge science, proven in study after study, and wide-ranging so that anyone can find ones that work specifically for them. Give it a try and see what a difference it makes in your life.

eBook: 83 pages | Publication Date: April, 2020

“Loved it! Grounded in serious thought and proven science…a clear and practical overview of ideas and exercises to help us deal with anxiety, both everyday and chronic.”


“This is one of those rare books that is super practical and detailed, but also has no fluff, making it a great value. The illustrations and humor also make it a real pleasure to read.”

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Cover of "In the Black Hours"


There is a type of trauma that is little known, but universally felt — one that transcends time and crosses culture, and can change a person at their core. Its name is Moral Injury.

In the Black Hours is a collection of photographic vignettes and a compendium of life stories that bring us face to face with this experience. It begins with those in the black despair of night, moving through glimmers of hope in twilight, and finally into an emerging dawn, reminding us all that while peace and happiness can sometimes feel elusive, it need never be lost entirely.

With astounding openness and courage, thirty individuals — young and old, from all walks of life — have put into words experiences that are beyond difficult to say — experiences that are often thought to be the “unthinkable” or the “unspeakable” in an effort to heal themselves and to raise awareness of this type of trauma.

Through long exposure, blurred motion, ethereal light, and high contrast, the accompanying photography creates a piercing visual landscape that captures the raw emotion which moral injury lays bare. The resulting collection is an intimate and visceral look at the heart and soul of moral injury, and honors both the vulnerability and the triumph of the human spirit.

Coming soon.

In the Black Hours portrays in stunningly stark yet compassionate detail how moral injury and moral distress lives inside us and just how powerfully that can influence our lives and relationships.”


“Wow, just wow. This book will change how you think about yourself, your beliefs and values, and what you would–or could–do if life put you in a similar situation.”


“A must-read for anyone who suffers from moral injury, but also important for those who don’t. As a society, we really must better understand this type of trauma … you never know when it could happen to you.”

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Spirit Wellness Book Cover


Like an idea, an opinion, a personality, or a dream, everyone has spirit; but unlike the body and mind, spirit doesn’t diminish with time. It only deepens, grows, and, if allowed to, flourishes in all circumstances.

Much has been written on the importance of wholistic health, but if you really want a life of total wellness, you have to include your spirit. For many people today, spirit is the most challenging part—but it doesn’t have to be.

In Spirit Wellness, Michele DeMarco helps you tap into the inner spark that makes you, you and shows you how to feed it, nurture it, and use it to make the world a brighter place. With upbeat, straight-forward, practical insights, combined with inspiring stories and information grounded in research, anyone—regardless of background or belief, whether you consider yourself spiritual or secular—can enjoy a life of spirit wellness.

ISBN: 978-1450032877 | Paperback: 416 pages. | Publication Date: January, 2009

“Authoritative, compelling, and timeless … the perfect guide for those who are looking for a way out of the darkness of fear and wanting a more rich and meaningful life.”


“Fantastic mix of theory, real-world stories, and practices … for all those restless spirits out there longing for more and looking ‘to become’. “

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