Whole Soul Inventory

Principled and embodied living

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The Whole Soul Inventory assesses your moral strengths and areas for growth. The categories of assessment (i.e., subscales) align with the seven pillars of moral resilience:

  • Self-mastery (SM)
  • Self-awareness (SA)
  • Self-expression (SE)
  • Meaning-making (MM)
  • Connectedness (CN)
  • Forgiveness & Reconciling (FR)
  • Dynamic Balance (DB)

The Whole Soul Inventory is a great place to start the journey to principled and embodied living. It’s also helpful to engage with after you’ve read Michele’s books and publications or taken a course. You can see how far you’ve come in terms of building skills for moral resilience and putting them into practice.

The inventory typically takes ten minutes or less. We do not store responses or results, so make sure to print or email before you close the instrument.
I “struggle well” — I can manage unpleasant emotions and feelings. 
I am confident in my ability to make good decisions and handle situations as they arise. 
I keep promises to myself that serve my greater good. 
I often want to give up, check out, or shutdown. 
When things are really tough, I ask for help and connect with people who care about me. 
I'm hard on myself or others when I (or they) make a mistake or fail. 
I feel anxious and overwhelmed when I am faced with change or am pulled in opposite directions. 
I can laugh, even when I’m stressed or sad. 
I honor my gut instinct or intuition. 
I am intentional about making daily choices that are in line with my values.