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Soul Console is a burgeoning community, grounded in trust and validation, and chock-full of resources that can help you regain a sense of wholeness and integrity in the face of moral trauma, like moral injury and moral distress, and lost innocence.

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“Is That What It’s Called?!”

Many people suffering with moral injury or moral distress don’t know its name, often confusing their anguish with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or grief.

I created the Soul Console Community to help people like you better understand what moral trauma is, how it lives inside us, and how that shapes the stories we tell about ourselves and affects our relationships with others and the world. I also created it to give support that specifically speaks to your experience of moral injury or moral distress.

Honoring pain, reconciling difficult truths, transforming ways of thinking and being, and restoring moral integrity starts here.

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Sample Resources for “Whole Soul” Living


The Whole Soul Assessment

Here you can assesses your moral strengths, level of resilience, and areas for growth. It's a great place to start the journey to principled and embodied living.


Moral Injury 101: Your Questions Answered Here

All the essential information you need to know about moral injury. A great starting place for new comers!

Fact Sheet

Moral Injury vs. PTSD: What You Need to Know

Moral injury and PTSD are both trauma conditions, but while there are areas of overlap, they also differ in some meaningful ways.


Moral Trauma Affects the Whole Person

Moral injury and moral distress affects us in body, mind, and spirit. Learn how here.


Do I Have Moral Injury or a Soul Wound?

Here is a quick self-assessment tool that can help you determine if your experiences, feelings, and behaviors may be related to moral injury.

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New Course By Michele
ResilientU: Healing Writing to Cultivate Moral Resilience

Join us for this 30-day course that lets you tell the truth about the painful experience that violated your core values and beliefs in a way that brings comfort and safety in the way that you need to.

One of the few scientifically backed writing programs out there.

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We cannot recreate our lives going backward.
We can only reclaim our life moving forward.
-Michele DeMarco, PhD, from Holding Onto Air: The Art and Science of Building a Resilient Spirit

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