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There’s no shortage of advice on Medium and elsewhere on how best to manage the stress we all feel in these hard, scary times. As an editor, I appreciate quite a lot of it, but as a human, I also scroll past quite a lot of it. Encountering an author that not only expands my understanding, but also holds my hand as I try out a strategy to dial back the former and uplevel the latter, is a real treat. Hallelujah for instruction!

Kate Green Tripp, Senior Editor at Elemental

DeMarco presents a right-on-time articulation of this new collective moment we find ourselves in. She calls it ‘moral distress’ and shows how to cultivate moral resilience…I loved [her piece], as did millions of others.

Siobhan O’Connor, VP Editorial at Medium

I’m Okay…Right Now…Really is a perfect little book. In simple language, it presents deep psychological truths and insight and offers real-time tips for calming down and greatly brightening our outlook whenever we feel stressed. I read it and immediately sent a copy to each of my grown sons. DeMarco offers meaningful comfort and hope that will change your daily life.

Erin Byrne, author of Wings: Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France

Michele quickly became an expert upon whom I relied extensively to deliver important information about resilience, surviving adversity, coping with extreme stress, and finding new directions in life in order to improve health and vitality.”

Bloomberg Radio, WNBP

Without exception, when Michele spoke, you could hear a pin drop in the room. She managed to make a hotel ballroom room of 1500 people feel like an intimate gathering among friends.

Judy Soroko, Patient Ombudsman Services at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

DeMarco has an amazing knack for imagery and evocative storytelling…crisp, powerful writing. One of my favorite emerging writers.

Mystery Writers of America Association, Helen McCloy Award Judges Panel

About Others plumbs characters with depth and mystery. It is as compelling and solid as any best-selling novel I’ve read.

Mystery Writers of America Association, Helen McCloy Award Judges Panel

DeMarco has a slick sense of prose…top-drawer writing.

Mystery Writers of America Association, Helen McCloy Award Judges Panel

There is no exercise better for the human heart and soul than reaching down and lifting people up. This is what DeMarco does so well–through her knowledge and expertise, her perspective and insights, and her presence and compassion When you find Michele, you simply find the best.

Deborah Chiaravalloti, Vice President, Partners Healthcare

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